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Grandparents Day is on September 7th
Grandparents Day

The Perfect Gift

"We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give."
Winston Churchill


Sofie and Grandpa

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Fun Gifts for Men

My good friend Willie (a Black Man of Faith) is into games and sports. Willie has more fun and style than any other man I know.

Willie’s recommended Gifts:

  1. Sports Dominoes. (You may choose your team).

  2. Sports Pictures.

  3. Airplanes and Old Cars.

  4. Music Pictures.

  5. Summer Caps and Religious Hats.

  6. Religious Pictures.

  7. Best Black Art.

A Basket Full of Fancy:
Peggy’s Recommended Gifts for Women

  1. Even though it is now after Mother's Day, it is always a good time to reward the special woman in your life. A Photo-to-Artwork Collage is a long-time favourite. Gather some cherished photos; then mail or email them to us and we will do the rest.

  2. Select some inspiration for the women in your life. Click on a picture for an enlarged image and selection of frame.

  3. Quality Gifts that Last:
    Jody’s Recommended Homemaker Gifts

    Jody, my daughter in-law, is a Creative Homemaker Extraordinaire. When I look at the things I love in my home and which give me the most pleasure I find that 80% of these were given me by Jody. All of these delightful gifts have helped to get me back into the comfort zone. And best of all, they last and last and last. Although essentially useful they are also always quite beautiful.

  4. Fragrance Lamps. These will keep your bathroom fresh and inviting. The larger lights will add an ambiance and natural fragrance to your living quarters.

  5. Sheets and Bedspreads. Beautifully packaged for a gift – and they get better each time you wash them.

  6. Decorating - Go to our Catalog and select a picture and frame. Our pictures are in ArTex (like Giclee but better) and are guaranteed for 4 years. On the Web you will find 500 or more images and 30 plus different frames to choose from.

Picture Catalog

The Gift Drawer:
(Buy Three - Get One Free)

At our events we sport a Six Dollar Table where if you buy three items you get the fourth item for free.

Customers are stocking up on these bargains and they hide them away in a Gift drawer. Then, when a surprise birthday or gift occasion comes around, they are ready and prepared and this saves them time and money.

On this table we have backpacks for kids, little Disney purses, earrings and necklaces, flashlights, flashlights that need no battery, small purses and the cutest little fairy scissors you have ever seen.

Were she still alive, Peggy, my Mom, would have delighted in the gift drawer items. Come Christmas she would have one big present for each of us, and then a slew of little gifts all packaged in emerald and ruby and glitter and gold. Christmas with Mom was always magical. It is our purpose to help make your special occasions magical as well.

At Our Picture Lady Shows, we offer many $6 gift items. And if you buy three, you get a fourth item absolutely FREE!

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