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    Black History

    Black History

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Youth for Human Rights
Youth for
Human Rights

"If we cannot end now our differences, at least we can make our world safe for diversity."  - John F. Kennedy

An Art-Centered Approach to Workplace Diversity

The Diversity Fair is a resource for Companies that seek to foster good relationships between all of their employees, management, clubs and customers, whatever their cultural differences or background.

America has come a long way with Diversity - and it didn't just happen. It was greatly facilitated by a conscious effort from within the American companies. The nation is now stronger and greater because of its diversity.

Our heritage includes people of many colors and cultures. With technology shrinking the world, our multi-faceted identity lets us reach out and touch the diverse peoples of the world. We find that our diversity is recorded in our art!

A Diversity Art Fair is designed to promote respect for all minorities, African American, Asian, Latino or Caucasian, to honor their roots, while reinforcing what we hold in common.

Cultural Diversity - The Corporate Art Gallery

The Picture Lady is able to bring a Diversity Fair to all Churches, Hospitals, and Corporations in Southern California. We go from San Diego to Sacramento.

The Corporate Art Gallery is a new concept. The art is textured and framed exquisitely and displayed on carts or easels. The mobile gallery is brought in on wheels. Such events are a popular and an effective learning and/or promotional tool. They are held on a patio, hallway, lobby or auditorium. They are much appreciated by a multicultural workforce.

The Diversity Fair is a Management Training Tool, helping Management provide outstanding service across different cultures.

"Thank you so much for participating in our Black History program by providing beautiful and unique artwork for sale at reasonable prices.

"There is still raving about both you and the artwork. I even have had inquiries about how to get specific pieces that were displayed on Sunday. (I'll send you more information about the requested pieces soon.) We truly enjoyed having you with us on Sunday and hope that you will come back again.

"On behalf of the youth department, I'd like to render a special thank you for the fundraising donation. The proceeds will help to provide transportation for youth and counselors to attend the state-wide youth conference on April 2-5 in Bakersfield.

"Thank you again and again. We look forward to having you back with us soon. God bless you, your family and your business."

    Yours in Christ,
    Sonia Henry