"Before and After" Pictures

Here are some "before and after" pictures of artwork our customers decided to upgrade.

Buffalo Soldiers Before Buffalo Soldiers After

This Buffalo Soldiers picture had lost its frame and risked being damaged. We texturized it, which enhanced the image and then put a dark frame around it, which created a quite striking effect.

Moorish Chief Before Moorish Chief After

This Moorish Chief picture had a large mildew stain at the bottom, which had to be cut off. The new gold frame, texture and black velvet liner turned it into a very handome whole.

The Last Penny Before The Last Penny After

This picture had a frame that is out of date. Moreover, it was behind glass, which made it look washed out. Texturizing and a more modern frame made it come far more alive and vibrant.

Stick Ladies Before Stick Ladies After

This picture of the "stick ladies" also benefited greatly from texturizing and a modern frame, improving its elegance.

Tiger Before Tiger After

This tiger picture had a broken glass and an outmoded frame. Texture, a new frame and a black velvet liner brought out the beast's character, making it look quite regal.

If you would like to upgrade some of your artwork, contact us.

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